Science and Society

The completion of two Science and Society courses is a curriculum requirement for students pursuing Bachelor of Science degrees in The College of Liberal Arts and Sciences.

Available Science and Society Courses

Some courses may have been cancelled or are now full. Please check the Schedule of Classes to determine courses that are still open for registration. Take special note of omnibus courses (194, 294, 394, 494) or special topics course numbers (e.g., POS 426). For these classes, the course title must match the course title shown on the list to be used for the Science and Society requirement.

Campus students

Spring 2023 Available Courses for Campus Students

Online students

Spring 2023 Available Courses for ASU Online Students


How many credits are required to complete this requirement?

At least 6 credit hours (2 courses), including at least 3 credit hours at the upper-division (300-499) level. You must receive a grade of C or better in both courses.

Can these classes also fulfill other requirements?

Both Science and Society courses (i.e., all 6 credits) may count towards any major, minor, related fields, and ASU general studies requirements.

What is a Science and Society Course?

Courses approved as Science and Society must meet the three following learning goals:

  1. Understand the reciprocal relationship between science and societies (local, regional, national and/or global).
  2. Develop a critical understanding of the western scientific principles underlying some of the major topical scientific issues in the public domain.
  3. Demonstrate the ability to formulate, communicate and defend well-informed views of their own concerning the issues studied.

Below is a link to a list of Science and Society Courses. The courses on this list may not be offered every term. Students should check the term-specific Available Courses links at the top of this webpage to verify if the course you want to take is being offered this term. Please note that for Special Topics courses, only the specific topic titles listed are approved for Science and Society credit.

All Approved Science & Society Course List

Course Placement in Degree Audit Report (DARS)

Once you have completed an approved Science and Society course, the course should automatically populate in the Science and Society section of your DARS.

To confirm:

  1. Check your DARS (Degree Audit Report).
  2. Verify that a letter grade of "C" or better has been posted for the class, and that the course was placed in the Science and Society area.
  3. If for any reason the course was not placed in Science and Society, submit the Course Placement Request Form. Allow 5 to 10 business days for your request to be processed. If you require further assistance, please contact your departmental advisor.

Registration, Prerequisites and use of credits

  • The student is responsible for selecting courses from the list of approved courses that will meet this requirement.
  • Some courses have prerequisites. Check the current catalog for prerequisite information.
  • Omnibus and Special Topics Courses - omnibus (194, 294, 394, 494) or special topics course numbers (e.g. POS 426) must match the course title shown on the "All Approved Science & Society Course List" to be used for the Science and Society requirement.
  • To fulfill the Science and Society requirement, a transfer course must be evaluated as a direct equivalent to an ASU course (see the Transfer Credit Guide for more information on transfer credit). 
  • Questions about these requirements should be directed to your departmental advisor. It is also strongly recommended that you discuss your course selections with your departmental advisor before you register.