Undergraduate Readmission

Any former ASU student who has not been enrolled at ASU for seven or more semesters, completed their previous degree program, or was academic disqualified must reapply to the university.  For more information on how submit an application for readmission, go to the Undergraduate Readmission page.

Readmission processing occurs somewhat differently than transfer or freshman admission.  Expect the process to take longer than your first application.  Complete your application (submit electronic application and complete any to-do’s, such transcript submission) at least one month prior to the start of the session to which you are applying.  Doing so will guarantee time for an admission decision to process and for you to complete any necessary tasks, such as academic advising, prior to enrollment.

Apply Now

How you left the university will determine what requirements you must meet in order to gain readmission into a program at The College.

If you left the university with a 2.0 GPA or over, you will need to meet the readmission requirements for any given program.  Find your program of interest in the Undergraduate Degrees page.

Most programs at The College only require that your previous GPA was 2.0 or higher.  The following programs include additional requirements:

  • Communication (BA or BS) – ASU GPA of 2.5 or higher
  • Actuarial Science – ASU GPA of 3.0 or higher

If you left the university on academic probation, you are eligible for readmission into most CLAS programs.  Find your program of interest in the Undergraduate Degrees page.  You will not be eligible for the following programs:

  • Communication (BS or BS)
  • Actuarial Science

If disqualified, there are some important steps required to initiate the readmission process:

Step One: You must sit out for at least one fall or spring academic semester before applying for readmission in The College of Liberal Arts and Sciences. It is strongly recommended that you take coursework at ASU over summer, another college or otherwise demonstrate how you can be successful after returning. After exiting for one academic semester, your first step is to reapply to Arizona State University.

Step Two: Arizona State University Readmissions will review your application to ensure it is complete. Once it is determined that all items are included, your application will be sent to The College of Liberal Arts and Sciences Dean’s Office for further review.

International students often face additional logistical hurdles in returning to the U.S. after being readmitted.  You must be readmitted with enough time to complete whatever requirements you may have to gain an I-20.  You may be surprised to discover that you must retake the TOEFL in order to regain an I-20. 

You should plan to reapply to ASU at least three months prior to the term you wish to attend.  Beyond the I-20, the readmission process can sometimes take longer than your first admission.  See the options above to determine your specific steps for readmission.