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Curious who your advisor is? To start, check your MyASU page. Need more information? Select from the buttons below to determine next steps.

Futures Center

Prepare for success after graduation

The College of Liberal Arts and Sciences recognizes our central role in preparing our students for life after ASU. Visit the Futures Center to get connected with internships, career information, pre-professional advising, alumni in your desired field and more!

Frequently accessed resources

No need to dig around the website. Here are some of our resources most frequently accessed by students.

Science and society

Credit overload petition

Transfer credit guide

Student support resources

Your years at school aren’t always easy. If you need assistance in any way, know that we’re here for you. Below are some quick links. If you don’t see what you need, please reach out via our contact page, accessible at the bottom of this page.

Medical compassionate withdrawal

Disqualification and probation

Undergraduate Readmission

Additional opportunities

We’re committed to helping you achieve your education-related goals. If you need a little extra help with a class, discover the multiple tutoring options available.

Clubs and organizations
ASU has more than 1,000 student groups available to join. Getting involved is a great way to maximize your college experience and build lifelong friendships.

Study abroad
Studying abroad can impact your life in many positive ways, some of which will last far beyond your time at ASU. Meet new people and discover new cultures all while continuing your university education.

Fewer than 3 in 10 employers think recent graduates enter the workforce well-prepared. Completing an internship during school can help give you a leg up in the workforce after graduation.

Research opportunities
Starting or joining a research project as an undergraduate can prepare you for graduate school or help you establish professional connections with experts in the field. Plus, it’s fun!

Living on campus
Our housing options are more than just a residence hall; they combine community activities with support services to benefit your academic experience. You’ll get the chance to meet lifelong friends, learn about university opportunities and live right on campus.