Credit Overload Petition

Typically, students are only able to take up to 18 credit hours per semester or 7 credits in each summer session. Students may petition to register for more credits in a given semester by submitting a Credit Overload Petition.

When requesting a credit overload, first talk to your academic advisor to confirm that the overload is necessary based on a thorough evaluation of your DARS. Your advisor might be able to find a way to meet your requirements more efficiently.

If you move forward with submitting a request, you need to have a legitimate academic reason for making the request and be able to describe in detail how you will meet the demands of a heightened workload.

To be considered for an overload, you must meet the following requirements:

  • Complete a full term at ASU before the overload term
  • Be in good academic standing
  • Not be repeating a course during the overload term
  • Be a degree-seeking student
  • Submit the form at least a week prior to the start of the session

The college typically expects students to also meet the following cumulative GPA requirements. However, your recent academic performance as well as other commitments will be considered in evaluating your request.


Fall or Spring C: 19 hours = 2.5 or higher; 20-21 hours = 3.0 or higher; 22 or more hours= 3.4 or higher
Fall or Spring A/B: 10 hours = 3.0 or higher; 11 or more hours= 3.4 or higher
Summer A/B: 8-9 hours = 3.0 or higher; 10 or more hours = 3.4 or higher

Fall/Spring Term Limits   Summer Session Limits
Session C
(15 wk)
Session A/B
(7.5 wk)
Session A/B
(6 wk)
Session C
(8 wk)
18 Credits    9 Credits    18 Credits    7 Credits    9 Credits    14 Credits

Where do I submit/Who reviews my Credit Overload Petition?
The amount of credits you are requesting determines who will review your petition and where you should submit the form. Who reviews your form will also determine how soon you need to submit your form in order to receive a decision prior to the start of the session.

Number of Credits Required        Where to submit?    Decision Prior to Start of Session?

Fall or Spring: 24 or fewer credits
Fall or Spring A/B: 12 or fewer credits

Summer A/B: 8-10 credits

Your academic advisor's office
or via email
Submit at least one week prior to start of session
Fall or Spring C: Over 24 credits
Fall or Spring A/B: Over 12 credits
Summer A/B: Over 10 credits
Your advisor's office or via email Submit at least two weeks prior to start of session

To submit a Credit Overload Petition, download this form and follow the additional directions listed on the form.