This graduate certificate program provides you with the foundational knowledge necessary to pursue licensure in the field of addictions.

The ability to communicate effectively is the skill most associated with professional and personal success and satisfaction. Understanding how to manage conflict, persuade others and articulate complex ideas simply and clearly --- and to be able to do so across communication media --- is fundamental to creating a fulfilling career in any field.

Computational approaches are transforming the life sciences. In silico approaches complement traditional bench-based approaches, leading to novel insights across the spectrum of life sciences. Successful completion of this program gives you the knowledge and ability to apply computational approaches in the life sciences.

Hone your creative, analytical and critical thinking skills in preparation for a career in fields ranging from advertising to advocacy through thought-provoking classes in literature, writing, digital literacies, rhetoric, cultural studies, film analysis, linguistics and education taught by ASU's distinguished faculty. The program is delivered primarily face-to-face with one track available online.

Whether you wish to prepare for a rewarding human services career or enhance the one you have, you can do so with this program. Deepen your understanding of families, individuals, relationships and yourself. Enjoy a customizable culminating experience that focuses your training in an area that interests you.

Complete your degree in two years in a program ideal for working professionals and lifelong learners looking to develop media literacy training in film, television and digital media. Faculty for this program include noted media scholars, critics and filmmakers.

Come discover geographical sciences at ASU. This master's degree program offers a unique learning environment that places your focus on location --- the heart of geography, urban planning, climatology and geographic information science. With that foundation, you can tackle some of the most pressing environmental and societal challenges facing our world today.

Are you concerned about global health issues? Passionate about changing the world? Go beyond fighting disease and health disparities by digging deeper into their sociocultural and evolutionary roots. Pick up where medical practice leaves off and create evidence-based, contextually-informed, and far-reaching solutions to localized and universal health concerns.

Learn from a wide breadth of courses taught by a world-class faculty from across a range of security-related fields who can offer you firsthand experience as well as academic rigor through the challenging, interesting, and relevant coursework.

Learn from a breadth of courses taught by a world-class faculty of global thought leaders, seasoned practitioners and scholars from security-related fields. You'll have firsthand experience paired with the academic rigor of challenging, interesting and relevant coursework.

The flexibility of choosing to study the geographic locations and time periods you are interested in allows you to acquire skills for whatever career you decide to pursue. This program combines dynamic classes taught by ASU's distinguished faculty in an online or on-ground environment with an emphasis on the development of analytical and communication skills.

Whether you are an experienced educator working in tribal communities or new to exploring the topic, this program can help you create practical solutions to unique issues. Researchers and students work collaboratively with native communities and contribute to the advancement of new knowledge, practice and policy in American Indian and Indigenous education.

Learn real-world, character-driven leadership skills and gain a strong foundation in international affairs and U.S. foreign policy in this program taught by experienced professionals.

Learn to understand how people think about politics, develop political attitudes, process political information, and make decisions about political matters.

Learn how patterns of social relationships and social interactions impact individuals, family members and workers.

Prepare for your dream job teaching English anywhere in the world. In this flexible program, you'll work closely with expert faculty in the fields of linguistics and language education while honing your professional skills through a wide variety of internships.

ASU faculty, historians of the National WWII Museum and unique archival resources provide you with an in-depth understanding of the effects of World War II on current and future world events. This first-of-its-kind program is a unique partnership between ASU and the National WWII Museum and is taught online.