Actuarial Science

Want to use your math and analytical skills to make a positive impact? You can help people and organizations plan for the future and protect themselves from loss. Actuaries participate in high-level business decision-making and solve real problems in every industry.

Explore the culture and history of African-descended peoples with a dynamic group of faculty from a wide variety of backgrounds. Students with this minor frequently go into areas such as law, business and medicine.

Do you want to advocate for social justice? Gaining a deeper understanding of African and African American peoples' culture and history and an in-depth knowledge of prominent issues in their communities can help you excel in fields such as law, business and medicine.

Governance in American Indian communities is unique and complex as is the ongoing relationship between Indian nations and non-Native governments. Increase your understanding of our world by learning more about the fascinating history and current state of Native American governance.

Complement your major area of study with a breadth of understanding of Indigenous culture, knowledge that can be helpful in a variety of careers that connect either directly or indirectly with American Indian nations and communities.

Do you have an eye for detail? Are you good with numbers? Do you like identifying areas for improvement? Then a lucrative career in risk management may be perfect for you, and this certificate is the perfect way to get started.



Are you intrigued by human behavior, history and biology? An anthropology minor gives you the tools to explore the lessons of human nature, preparing you for success in many different careers through a deep understanding of who we are and where we came from.

Social media and nightly news are filled with events touching on the Middle East and Islamic nations. But how many people understand the deep issues at hand? You can. With a minor in Arabic studies, you'll have a cross-cultural understanding of Islamic civilization which will provide opportunities in the global workforce.


Arabic Studies

Earning a certificate in Arabic --- the language of more than 22 countries --- shows a commitment to understanding the cultures of a region with global impact. By learning about Arabic language, literature and culture, you'll be developing knowledge that is in demand in today's job market while broadening your perspective on global issues.

China continues to rise as an economic power, and so can your value in the marketplace when you're fluent in Chinese. Your deep understanding of a culturally rich nation, earned through the minor in Chinese, will add depth and value to your major.

Studying Japanese opens the door to a variety of new career paths, new experiences and new opportunities for personal growth and exploration. Regardless where your interests lie, the Japanese language can help take you where you want to be.

Explore the fundamental contributions of Asian Americans and Pacific Islanders to U.S. society through historical, cultural and political lenses, with a focus on how events have impacted their individual and community experiences.

Learn about the contributions and experiences of Asian Pacific Americans and Pacific Islanders and how those experiences have shaped societies and cultures in the U.S. You'll have the opportunity to explore these issues through a variety of historical, cultural and political lenses.


Asian Studies

Add an Asian studies certificate to your bachelor's degree in any discipline. A general overview of Asian culture and history can complement fields of research that interest you, such as art, technology, finance and law.



Explore the latest discoveries about Earth's solar system, galaxy and universe. Join the students and faculty in astronomy who are building space-flight hardware, making astronomical observations, discovering new planets, exploring cosmology and engineering new instruments for telescopes and satellites.



If you want to learn about Earth's solar system as well as our galaxy and the universe, this minor is ideal for you. Join students and faculty in astrophysics who are building space-flight hardware, making astronomical observations, discovering new planets, exploring cosmology and engineering new instruments for telescopes and satellites.


Atmospheric Sciences

Are you fascinated by weather? Gain extensive knowledge of the study and practice of meteorology and climatology to become competitive for positions in your primary field of study that are related to meteorology.



Add a minor in biochemistry to your major and expand your ability to think creatively about problems in fields as diverse as medicine and renewable energy. Anything is possible when you start to see life from a molecular perspective.

Are you fascinated by the living world? A minor in biological science can open up the secrets of that world in ways that satisfy your desire to know more while complementing your major in surprising ways.


Brazilian Studies

Explore the complexities of Brazilian culture and history in courses that encourage rethinking Brazil beyond media images of samba and carnival. Acquire knowledge and critical thinking skills that will aid you in becoming a global leader committed to social justice and cross-cultural understanding through any career path you choose.



Do you enjoy thinking about scientific problems at the molecular level but have an interest in many different areas? A minor in chemistry may be just right for you. This program provides strong foundational knowledge through both theoretical and experimental courses.

Do you want to play a role in shaping our society? A minor in civic and economic thought and leadership complements your primary degree with a foundation of skills grounded in the liberal arts and sciences and designed to meet the challenges of the 21st century.


Civic Education

The rights to vote and to seek political change are important, but becoming an informed participant in American democracy is just as important. The civic education certificate is designed for students who want to get involved teaching the rights, responsibilities and intellectual foundations that go along with membership in American democracy.


Civil Communication

Learn the value of robust, honest and constructive dialogue that advances public interest. Perhaps more than ever, today's world needs people with the ability to publicly disagree in a manner that builds and nurtures communities.


Classical Studies

Scratch the surface of the modern world and you'll find antiquity: ancient Greek and Latin language, the old myths and gods, classic literature, art and thought. With a classics certificate, your degree will have additional depth and value.

Acquire the tools to understand, analyze and respond to communication problems and opportunities in relationships, workplaces and groups. Explore the complex role of human communication in everyday life and learn how to communicate effectively whether with one person or large and diverse groups.

The research landscape is changing thanks to advances in technology, and to become a successful scientist it is critical that you use the power of the computer to analyze data. Learn about tools that can analyze different types of life science datasets and investigate how computational approaches in research help solve scientific problems.

How do scientists use math to represent the behavior of objects and systems in the real world? Get answers to that question plus a strong foundation in critical analysis and analytical ability that can prepare you to work in a wide variety of fields including software development, governmental research, medical research, logistics and finance.



Want to learn how to protect personal, financial and sensitive public sector information? This program helps prepare you for a career in national security, communication systems, electronic banking, internet commerce and just about any field that requires secure data. Cryptology is necessary everywhere in today's technological world.


Data Science

See your current field of study through a new lens. By becoming a skilled producer, user and manipulator of data, you can make informed decisions about the world around you.


Disability Studies

Challenge your views of disability through the voices of diverse, disabled cultures. In this certificate, you will study social constructions of disability through ableist media portrayals, stereotypes, institutional abuses and exclusionary school policies by examining the lived experiences and perspectives of people with disabilities, their families and communities.


Economic Justice

Do you want to promote the growth of sustainable communities? Are you interested in creating new approaches to economic justice? You can gain the necessary skills to design, manage and evaluate initiatives that can revitalize communities.



Are you interested in gaining a deeper understanding of the interactions between individuals, firms and governments? A minor in economics complements almost any major or career, providing in-depth insight into the decisions of households, private and public entities --- both domestically and globally.



Enhance your critical thinking and communication skills and develop your creativity through your choice of courses in literature, writing and linguistics in this program that complements any course of study.

Where did language come from and how does it shape how we think and act? In the linguistics minor, you'll explore the historical and cultural aspects of the English language and consider how you can apply this knowledge in a variety of settings.

Enhance your degree with a minor in English literature. Studying literature deepens your understanding of what it means to be human and encourages you to consider your role in the diversity of people, places and ideas.

Explore the relationships between humans, nature and the environment, and be better prepared to engage in activities that lead to meaningful social and environmental change.



Ethics are the foundation of many legal and political systems. Pair your bachelor's degree with the study of ethics in order to become a better philosophical thinker who can solve ethical problems.


European Studies

Are you curious how Brexit, migration, populism and Russian tactics are affecting Europe and the embattled European Union? Explore the fall of the Berlin Wall, the emergence of a strong Central Europe, and the modern challenges dividing political and economic alliances and redefining the concept of Europe.


Evolutionary Medicine

We must frame questions about health and illness in new and innovative ways to improve human health. Begin here. Learn how to holistically approach ideas about evolution, human vulnerability and the future of medicine.

Will your career involve working with children, youth or families? The coursework and hands-on experiences in this program are just what you need, so you can effectively work with these populations and impact the lives of those around you.


Field Geology

Are you interested in geology-related careers, internships or graduate school opportunities? Enhance your prospects with this program that emphasizes necessary field-based geologic skills.

Do you like movies? Study film classics and new movies as well as their impact on society and culture and explore television, new media and film genres to gain a greater understanding of yourself and others.



Learn one of the most widely spoken and important languages in the world and explore many different cultures. French learners can study abroad in fascinating places and are prepared for a variety of creative and international professions.

Geographic information science takes computer science to a new level, specializing in technology that puts companies like Google on the forefront of innovation and navigating the globe. This certificate program is a valuable addition to a variety of degree programs and disciplines.



A deeper understanding of the physical world, geographic regions and cultures can be a beneficial enhancement of a wide variety of degrees and disciplines. The geography minor is a customizable experience that allows you to select your classes based on your unique interests and major degree program.

Are you interested in discovering more about Earth's present, past and future? Join students and faculty who are exploring the physics and chemistry of Earth's interior, mapping surface processes and structures, applying novel analysis techniques to earth materials, and investigating Earth-climate interactions.



Add a German minor to your degree program and watch as the opportunities and points of connection to other parts of the globe take you in directions you never thought possible. Whether you're interested in engineering, science, health, sustainability, global business or art, you'll see immediate benefits from studying German.

Are you passionate about helping people? Improving health conditions for all people requires passion and understanding. Enhance your major with a holistic examination of human health. Learn innovative and practical skills grounded in anthropology, and prepare to help solve today's global health challenges.

Are you interested in global issues? Do you hope to live or work abroad? Complement your major with the analysis of a variety of international issues, global institutions and policy problems.

Looking for an interdisciplinary certificate to prepare you for a career working on global issues? Whether your interests lie in social, political or economic issues, exploring the historical origins and current effects of globalization through a cultural lens is the foundation you need to better understand today's world.



Complement your current degree or interest with a foundational background in history, selecting from an assortment of topics, like international history or the history of college sports. Exploring the past prepares you for the future in any career you choose.

Since ancient times, prevailing philosophical views and notions of science have always been interconnected, shifting with new waves of philosophical thought and scientific discoveries. Explore how these historical changes and this complex interaction have impacted and affected human society and cultural production.


Human Rights

Human rights are intrinsic to a healthy society. In this program, you gain an in-depth understanding of multiple perspectives and the tools you need to develop solutions to critical problems.

Are you thinking about a career in the health professions? Gain an edge by learning to understand the complex, transdisciplinary challenges of health in this certificate program, which also focuses on empathy, mindfulness, resilience, well-being, and compassionate research and care.


International Cinema

Movies provide powerful insight into diverse cultures and can help shape thinking. Exposure to world cinema is a key component in becoming a culturally literate and engaged citizen. See how a certificate in international cinema can give you a global perspective that will help you excel in personal and professional endeavors.


International Studies

Power and statecraft, national security and globalization: Gain a deeper understanding of the connections between these important concepts and topics discussed in the media every day.


Islamic Studies

Enrich your understanding of this major religion, from its history and culture to current events. The cultural competence you'll gain from studying Islam can enhance your prospects for graduate school and for a wide variety of careers.



Delve into the rich history and culture of Italy. Italy is a leader in global innovation in several industries, including art, fashion and food. Knowledge of Italian is critical to understanding developments in these fields and is the fourth most studied language in the world.


Jewish Studies

Gain a deeper understanding of Jewish history and religion, Jewish interactions with majority cultures, and the Jewish contribution to contemporary society, and enhance your historical and cultural appreciation for Jews and Judaism through this globally focused program.

Learn how to create meaningful change by becoming an advocate for social, economic and political justice on a global level. A justice studies minor gives you a broad understanding of the world's justice systems which can complement and empower a variety of majors.



Prepare for the 21st-century global marketplace and technological innovation. Today's geopolitics and international security demand more people with knowledge of Korean language and culture. Study Korean, connect with the world and relate more intimately with your K-pop idols and K-drama stars.


Korean Studies

Redefine your personal strengths and stand out in the job market. Learn the skills of critical thinking and cultural diversity in a language employers today are seeking in every field. A certificate in Korean prepares you for the 21st century world of a global marketplace, technological innovation and cultural exchange.

A certificate in Latin American studies adds depth to any field of study. You'll learn to interact with diverse populations and appreciate the cultural differences. Cultural competency makes you more competitive in various industries, and this certificate is the first step.

Study the experiences, history, culture and contemporary issues related to LGBTQ people, with an emphasis on analytical skills and community service. This certificate program is excellent preparation for advanced study in graduate and professional programs, employment in many fields and activism in participatory democracy.

Are you are intellectually curious and eager to expand your knowledge of engineering or interested in graduate study in engineering fields? Enjoy this program's integrated approach that offers a deeper look at the ways math and engineering intersect and inform each other.



Increase your employability. A math minor is a great complement to any degree, whether liberal arts, the sciences, and especially economics, finance and the computer and physical sciences.

The Middle Ages and Renaissance were times of medieval ideas and cultural renewal. Explore the history, architecture, culture, art, military and technology of these time periods through historic texts, classical languages and period arts.

Hone your leadership skills for a variety of professional positions. Complement your major by gaining a specialized skill set many employers seek, including the ability to communicate effectively, motivate teams, negotiate and solve any challenge you may encounter.


Modern Hebrew

A certificate in modern Hebrew adds context and nuance to any study of the complex issues at play in the current Middle East.



If you've a curious mind, add a philosophy minor to your degree program. Reading comprehension combined with logical writing and reasoning skills creates a well-informed citizen and prepares you for the workplace.

Prepare to become an active, engaged citizen in our democratic and globalized world. Join us and become an adaptive thinker and leader.



Do you have a desire to better understand the world around you? With a minor in physics, you'll extend your studies in nature, structure and interactions of matter and radiation while developing the fundamental scientific basis and problem-solving skills needed to succeed in a variety of challenging career opportunities.


Political Economy

In a world of constant political and economic change, what happens in one part of the globe can and does have a major impact on what happens elsewhere. Learn about the immediate and reverberating repercussions of political and economic decisions and conditions, so you can be a force for positive change.

If you want to see how policy change works firsthand, you may find a perfect fit with an internship at an organization that allows you to learn in person, in real time, how change occurs and policy is made.

Be a leader in your chosen field. Come to understand the complexities of real decision-making beyond the abstractions as you explore the foundational principles underlying the nature of democracy and representative and constitutional government. The program is open to students of all majors at ASU.

Do you have an interest in understanding how political systems work? Take this opportunity to explore power and politics in the U.S. and abroad and link your major field to important public issues.



Why do we act the way we do? What is the connection between your brain and your behavior? How can we manage stress and emotion? Explore these and other fascinating questions in a minor that enhances any degree program with knowledge you can apply to everyday life.


Religion and Conflict

Gain a broad, interdisciplinary understanding of the dynamics of religion, conflict and peace by exploring the crucial role religion plays in forming both human division and unity in today's society.

Explore religious traditions around the world while also examining human interactions within and among those traditions. Develop critical thinking skills and an understanding of various cultures, both of which can accompany and enrich any degree you are currently pursuing.



ASU has built the largest Romanian program in the U.S., and you can be part of it. Study language, politics, culture and religion --- everything that makes Romania a vibrant member of the European Union.



Choose Russian. Learn this strategic language. Study abroad with prestigious scholarships. Appreciate some of the world's greatest art. Travel Eurasia. Challenge yourself. Russian remains one of the less-commonly taught yet critically needed languages. Studying Russian can open doors to careers in government, NGOs and international organizations.

Explore the vast region of Eastern Europe and Eurasia. Immerse yourself in another culture with the personalized and multifaceted plan of study, and take advantage of study abroad opportunities to learn the ins and outs of a less commonly taught language.

Unlock the doors of exciting government, international and corporate organizations with your competitive edge of skills in the lesser-known Slavic languages. A minor in this field gives you a background in the hotbed zones of Eastern Europe and a cultural expertise that's in demand.

Are you interested in analyzing human behavior through data? Learn data theories, examine theoretical research and develop your critical analysis skills. You will leverage qualitative evidence in the world around you and gain the quantitative skills that create and confirm theories.


Social Transformation

Do you have a passion for creating social change? Learn how social movements have shaped society, how diverse communities near and far have sought social change, and how you can develop new methods to solve social problems.


Socio-Legal Studies

Put your understanding of the legal system into action once you understand the impacts our legal system has on society and how people experience law in their everyday lives.



Complement your studies with valuable knowledge of contemporary social issues, which is needed for understanding social change and the social causes and consequences of human behavior.



If you want a competitive edge in today's job market and changing cultural landscape, you'll want the fluency in Spanish and the critical and analytical skills this program provides. It will broaden your perspectives and prepare you for future opportunities.

Whether it's in intense fandoms, age-old rivalries, records being broken by athletes, or political controversies, sports have become embedded into everyday life. Delve deep into the human aspect of sports --- its historical background, the ethics and the cultural significance --- that affects fans and athletes alike.



Demand for statisticians is expected to grow 27% by 2022. With a statistics minor, you are prepared to apply your data analysis skills in nearly any area you are passionate about.

The logic of mathematics and computing is combined with the deep-thinking process of philosophy in this program that challenges both your right and left brain to prepare you for future goals with skills in language, theory and logic.

You may choose from a variety of internships locally and abroad that will give you valuable teaching experience.

Would you like enhance your studies with knowledge of the Chicano and Latino populations in the United States? Learn about the culture, history, migration, health issues and media representations of these populations, and apply that knowledge to your career interests.



Our globalized world has an increasing need for translators in both the private and government sectors. A certificate in translation can pave the way to a career in several fields.

Interested in challenges such as planning for alternative transportation, housing diverse social groups and forging community partnerships for urban revitalization? Learn about some of the most pressing issues experienced by urban areas across the globe and about the planning tools often used to tackle those issues.


Water Resources

Water resources are irreplaceable, increasingly in-demand and endangered as populations grow. The water resources certificate is ideal for you if you are interested in acquiring skills that are essential for the existence of life.

Are you interested in promoting equality among genders? Do you want to know more about the issues women face around the world? In this program, you learn to think critically about contemporary issues of gender equality and gain the necessary skills to transform them.

The women and gender studies certificate program provides students with an intensive, liberal arts approach to relevant contemporary topics such as gender inequality and feminism and how these interact with sexuality, race and religion in society today.Because students have the opportunity to explore issues from multiple disciplines, the certificate is an interdisciplinary alternative to a minor. The program enables students to write well, think critically and analyze problems effectively.The certificate is offered by the School of Social Transformation.

This exciting certificate program pairs the courses and practical experience that prepare you to pursue a career working with military personnel and their families.

Powerful communication can take you anywhere you want to go. Enhance your writing and communication skills and learn how to apply this knowledge in a variety of disciplines and professional settings.

Do you want to change the world? The minor in writing, rhetorics and literacies can give you the tools you need to turn words into actions.