Alumni Leaders

Join us in celebrating The College Leaders

The College of Liberal Arts and Sciences proudly recognizes our exceptional alumni through The College Leaders program. Our leaders are distinguished individuals who bring honor to Arizona State University and the college through their personal successes in business, research and community service. Each member showcases extraordinary leadership skills while driving positive change locally and internationally. 

Our impressive list of 50+ leaders share a passion for education, an appreciation for the arts and sciences and a record of remarkable achievements. Every year, we’ll add new members to our growing network of ASU alumni who have continuously demonstrated excellence and learned to thrive.  

Seth Dobrin

President of the Responsible AI Institute, CEO of Trustwise and Founder of Qantm AI
BS Life Science

Jennifer Kaplan

BA Human Communication

Steve G. Gillen

Deputy Special Presidential Envoy for Hostage Affairs
BA History, Political Science, Russian

Madeleine Goldman

President of Madweek Marketing
BA English

David Wilson

BS, microbiology, PhD, microbiology
1998, 2007

Herman Frazier

BS, political science

Lisa Pino

BA, Spanish, MA, Humanities, JD
1996, 1999, 2005

Lisa Clark

BS, psychology

Robert Kestelik

Bachelor of Arts in the School of International Letters and Cultures, Japanese

Michael Convey

Bachelor's degree in English

Cheryl Najafi

Bachelor's and Master's Degrees in Communication
1992, 1996

Reyna Montoya

Transborder Studies and Political Science

Clinton Ang

Psychology and Computer Information Systems

Melanie Katzman

Master's and PhD degrees in psychology
1982 and 1985

Nikki Halle

Bachelor of Arts in communication