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The College Dean’s Council strengthens our college and its students by staying committed to the highest standards of excellence and innovation — in the classroom and research endeavors — across the humanities, natural sciences and social sciences.

Our council members give The College community a voice and serve as philanthropic role models who contribute to the Dean’s Council Fund. This fund enables the dean to attend to urgent needs, advance educational excellence, expand research and consider new opportunities that might not otherwise be possible without this valuable resource, such as:

  • Student emergency funds
  • The College Early Start program
  • Paid internships
  • Study abroad scholarships
  • Undergraduate research scholarships


Increasing outreach and building relationships.

Council members also carry the mission of our college into the local, national and global community. Through their professional and personal networks, council members increase our outreach and build relationships with corporate and community partners.

Herb and Laura Roskind.


The College of Liberal Arts and Sciences partners academically with almost every facet and program throughout the university. This, in turn, exemplifies the diverse and expansive goal of the New American University.

We feel so fortunate in being able to enjoy and participate in the stunning academic culture of this college, alongside so many brilliant faculty members and talented students.”

Herb and Laura Roskind
Dean's Council members 

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You can learn more about the Dean's Council in our brochure. To inquire about participation in the council, please contact the Office of Development or email

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Get in touch with a member of our development team, or search funds and causes on The College's ASU Foundation webpage.