Early Start

You can learn to thrive with our Early Start program

While you might be eager to transition from high school to college, it’s not always easy. That’s why we encourage you to attend The College of Liberal Arts and Sciences Early Start program. For nine days before the start of the Fall, you’ll learn what it takes to achieve academic success and build relationships with faculty and other first year students in your major. Plus, you get to move to campus early and earn three elective credits for free.


Meet Early Start students like you.

Gabrielle M.

"I only had three other classmates, so it was very intimate and personal. … I always recommend Early Start to all my friends who are starting college."

Portrait of Gabrielle M. "Early Start."

Halle A.

"I had never been away from home, and yet I was moving in two weeks early to my dorm room… but it turned out to be the absolute best." 

Portrait of Hannah A. "Early Start."


Learn more about Early Start

College is said to be the best time of your life, so why wouldn’t you want to get a head start? The College of Liberal Arts and Sciences offers 11 different, major-specific Early Start programs to give you the tools you need to be successful at ASU, all at no cost to you! Each program is designed to create an immersive, integrated experience of college life where you’ll learn what to expect for the upcoming fall semester.

Apply to The 2024 Early Start program here. This year's program will run from Saturday, August 10 to Sunday, August 18.

This program is designed to keep you busy throughout its entirety. You’ll be fully immersed in Sun Devil life for nine days, working with faculty and peer mentors from your major. From getting a taste of scientific research, to engaging with innovators in the humanities and social sciences, you’ll learn how to be a successful student and prepare for your upcoming courses.

You’ll also enjoy social and academic activities tailored to your major, including: 

  • Touring research labs and networking with scientists
  • Discovering the social behavior of primates at the Phoenix Zoo
  • Working with scientific data to explore how planets are discovered
  • Exploring campus and surrounding cities during First Friday art walks and other events
  • Taking a look at the power of stories through movies, local artists, guest speakers and more
  • Going on field trips to the Arizona State Capitol, the Phoenix Art Museum and other local sites

Major-specific programs

If you're majoring in:

Your program is:

Find more details:

Biological Sciences, Microbiology, Molecular Biosciences and Biotechnology

BioBridge Early Start

Learn more

Psychology or Neuroscience

Psychology and Neuroscience Early Start

Learn more

Actuarial Sciences, Computational Mathematical Sciences, Mathematics

School of Mathematical and Statistical Sciences Early Start

Learn more

Biochemistry, Chemistry

School of Molecular Sciences Early Start

Learn more

Biophysics, Physics

Earth and Environmental Studies, Earth and Space Exploration

Sundial Early Start

Learn more

Political Science

School of Politics and Global Studies Early Start

Learn more

Justice Studies, Women and Gender Studies

School of Social Transformation Early Start

Learn more

Family and Human Development, Sociology

The Sanford School Early Start

Learn more


Hugh Downs School of Human Communication Early Start

Learn more

Anthropology, Global Health, Applied Mathematics for Life and Social Sciences

School of Human Evolution and Social Change Early Start

Learn more

English, Film and Media Studies

Asia Studies, History, Jewish Studies, Philosophy, Religious Studies

Asian Languages, French, German, International Letters and Cultures, Italian, Russian, Spanish

Humanities Early Start

Learn more


Browse some frequently asked questions

How will I know if I’m invited to participate in the Early Start program?
Eligible students will be invited by email and will also receive a postcard in the mail.
I’d like to participate, but I didn’t receive an invitation. Can I still participate?
Unfortunately, participation is limited for the Early Start program.
How much does it cost to attend the Early Start program?
There is no cost for you to attend, as The College of Liberal Arts and Sciences covers the cost of instruction, your room and all meals during the nine day program. However, if you’re unable to complete the program, you’ll be responsible for your housing cost if you continue to live on campus during the Early Start period.
What is the daily schedule?
You can expect to be busy from early morning until the evening. There are also activities scheduled on Saturday and Sunday. Exact hours may vary depending on your specific program.  

Can I still work during the program?
No, you will not be able to work during the program. The Early Start schedule is very time intensive, and you can expect to be busy all day and into the evening throughout the entirety of the program.
I need to miss some of the activities – is that okay?
The Early Start program is designed to maximize your success at ASU, so your attendance at all scheduled activities is required.
Where will I live during the program?
If you have a fall housing assignment, you’ll be able to live on campus during Early Start. We try to accommodate all students to move directly into their room for the fall, but some students may have a temporary room assignment during Early Start.
If I’m living off campus, can I still participate in the Early Start program?
Yes, students who will be commuting can participate in Early Start.