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Join a research initiative in your field to enhance your degree

As a research scholar in The College of Liberal Arts and Sciences at Arizona State University, you’ll have access to an interactive undergraduate research environment where you’ll work alongside distinguished faculty on groundbreaking research and gain a better understanding of the world. You’ll explore your areas of interest, engage in innovative research and contribute to interdisciplinary work in an academic field within the humanities, natural sciences and social sciences.

Participating in undergraduate research is a great way to interact with experts, acquire new knowledge, develop analytical and problem-solving abilities and gain valuable experience for graduate school applications and resumes. When you contribute to research as an undergraduate, you’ll not only develop academic and professional skills, but also help improve the world around you through discovery.

The benefits of undergraduate research

Undergraduate research exposure helps students understand the rationale behind research experiments and enables them to better conceptualize material taught in the classroom. 

Undergraduate students with research experience gain valuable skills in communication, critical thinking, problem solving, working collaboratively and taking initiative. 

Research experience at the undergraduate level helps students explore different academic interests and potential career paths, which can help guide them toward a field they’re passionate about pursuing.

Undergraduate students who participate in research have the opportunity to become competent professionals by learning the research process, lab techniques and how to analyze data.

Browse our research opportunities for undergraduates

If you’re interested in pursuing research as an undergraduate, there are countless opportunities available within The College of Liberal Arts and Sciences. You can enhance your degree by participating in a research project in your academic unit or take your learning to the next level and join an initiative from one of our interdisciplinary centers and institutes. Our undergraduate research opportunities range from space exploration and canine behavior to human origins and communication studies.

Research scholarships

Our college offers an array of scholarships that encourage our undergraduate students to participate in a research project that ignites curiosity and promotes discovery.

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Barrett research database

Barrett, the Honors College has a list of current research opportunities for undergraduate students who want to secure a research position in a field of their choice.

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