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The College of Liberal Arts and Sciences is part of a top-ranked university that’s No. 1 in the country for innovation. Our distinguished faculty and bright scholars are making an impact through innovative research and groundbreaking discovery. We’ve sent a spacecraft to the Red Planet, uncovered a new weapon to fight antibiotic-resistant bacteria, and conserved the Ngogo community of chimpanzees in Uganda. And that’s only the beginning.

We’re home to three Nobel laureates in chemistry, physiology and physics; 1,200 faculty members who are the brightest intellectuals in their fields; and more than 25,500 scholars who are eager to solve imminent problems facing our world. Our scholars have access to 40 research facilities where they can work alongside members of the National Academy of Sciences and the American Academy of Arts and Sciences on projects supported by NASA and the National Science Foundation.

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Undergraduate research

Our undergraduate students have the opportunity to work with faculty on innovative research projects, spanning all our academic disciplines, which are geared toward impacting local, national and international communities around the globe. We encourage our scholars to get involved and start making a difference in the world.
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Graduate research

Our graduate students within the college have access to 40 high-tech research centers where they can explore academic and research interests in the humanities, social sciences and natural sciences, alongside renowned faculty who will help guide them in making important discoveries to solve some of tomorrow’s biggest challenges.
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Ethics @ASU

Ethics @ASU promotes the idea of core values driving how we conduct ourselves personally, professionally, socially and civically. Through ethics research, our scholars find ways to encourage public discussion on various controversial and important issues.
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Health @ASU

Health @ASU educates scholars to make breakthroughs in health by cultivating transformative research and developing new initiatives to impact patients, hospitals, laboratories and more. There’s a myriad of health activities happening at ASU.
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Humanities @ASU

Humanities @ASU invites scholars to explore the past and present of human culture to better understand ourselves and create a better world for the future. Discover humanities embedded in many different academic programs, from the life sciences to the arts.
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Science @ASU

Science @ASU serves as the core of scientific inquiry, exchange and collaboration at the university that’s No. 1 in the country for innovation. Our faculty and scholars strive for greatness in scientific research from psychology to space exploration.
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Social Science @ASU

Social Science @ASU drives local and global research in engineering, business, science and policy, health care and education successes. The program provides the knowledge, insight and skills to students seeking to answer our world's most pressing questions.
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