Prepare for your orientation program

Planning ahead makes your orientation experience more productive, valuable and enjoyable. Complete the following important tasks before your scheduled orientation session to make sure your orientation experience is a success.

Math placement

All incoming freshmen are required to take the Math Placement Test to determine the appropriate math course for enrollment. Your score on the Math Placement Test determines the math course for which you will enroll. If you do not have a Math Placement Test score, you will not able to register for all of your courses at orientation.

First-year composition placement

Your ACT or SAT score determines the appropriate English Composition course. If you did not take the ACT or SAT, and do not have AP/IB or Dual Enrollment credit in ENG 101/102, you must take the Accuplacer Test to ensure proper placement into a first-year English Composition course. Check your My ASU, ‘My Admission and Orientation’ and ‘Test Scores’ to verify your test scores are on file.

Second language placement

Students pursuing a Bachelor of Arts must demonstrate a proficiency in a second language through the 202 course level. There is an online language placement exam for French, German and Spanish. If you plan to take any other language, please contact to ensure proper placement.

AP/IB scores and dual enrollment

Before you attend your orientation program, you must send any Advanced Placement or International Baccalaureate scores, as well as dual enrollment and college credits (official transcripts) you have completed. These scores may not be officially evaluated before your orientation, so bring hard copies to orientation for your academic advising session. If you have dual enrollment and college credit currently in progress, please bring an unofficial transcript as well. Your AP/IB and college credits help to determine your correct placement in courses.

Review your major map

You can review your major map on My ASU under “My Programs and eAdvisor.” Every major has specific requirements you must complete each semester. We will explain the major map and critical courses in more detail at orientation.

During orientation, you will also learn about Class Blocks. Class Blocks are a great way to meet people and improve study habits. Groups of 19 first-semester freshmen are clustered together in a common block schedule. Students register for a pre-set schedule that includes critical courses, general studies classes and the required student success seminar. Most majors require that you sign up for a major-specific Class block.

Review general studies requirements

All students, regardless of college or major, must fulfill general studies requirements. You can learn more about general studies requirements in the ASU Academic Catalog.