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The College of Liberal Arts and Sciences fosters educational excellence, intellectual inquiry, discovery and unmatched access through 21 interdisciplinary schools and departments and over 50 research centers and institutes within the humanities, natural sciences and social sciences divisions.

Take a look at some of the numbers behind our efforts to educate and support the largest and most diverse student population within ASU as well as drive transformative research at a local, national and global scale.


In the fall of 2022, The College welcomed 8,151 new undergraduate students and 1,155 new graduate students both in-person and online. 

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total enrollment


on-ground students


ASU Online students


undergraduate students


graduate students

Maroon and gold pie chart showing 47%, 33% and 20%.

Social sciences, natural sciences and humanities student breakdown. 

Maroon and gold pie chart showing 87%.

87% are undergraduate students. 

Maroon and gold pie chart showing 47%.

50% are ASU Online students. 

Pie chart showing 62%, 36% and 2%.


in undergraduate scholarships disbursed.

62% to nonresident students, with 36% to resident students and 2% to international students. 

Pie chart showing 40%, 52% and 8%.


in graduate scholarships disbursed.

40% to nonresident students, 52% to resident students and 8% to international students. 


World-renowned faculty in the humanities, natural sciences and social sciences educate and support the largest and most diverse student population within ASU.


total faculty


tenured and tenure-track faculty


student-faculty ratio


National Academy of Sciences members


Pulitzer Prize winners


Noble Prize winners

Notable faculty at The College

Greg Asner, National Academy of Sciences (NAS) member, 2013.
H. Russell Bernard, NAS member, 2010.
Jane Buikstra, NAS member, 1987.
Natalie Diaz, MacArthur Fellow, 2018; Pulitzer Prize for Poetry, 2021.
Lindy Elkins-Tanton, NAS Arthur L. Day Prize and Lectureship, 2020; NAS member, 2021.
A. Stewart Fotheringham, NAS member, 2013.
Nancy Grimm, NAS member, 2019.
Michael Goodchild, NAS member, 2002.
Lee Hartwell, NAS member, 1987; The Nobel Prize in Physiology or Medicine, 2001.
Bert Hoelldobler, NAS member, 1998; Pulitzer Prize for General Nonfiction, 1991.
Mitchell Jackson, Pulitzer Prize for Feature Writing, 2021.
Michael Lynch, NAS member, 2009.
Alexandra Navrotsky, NAS member, 1993.
Rebecca Sandefur, MacArthur Fellow, 2018.
Joan Silk, NAS member, 2022
Anne Stone, NAS member, 2016.
B.L. Turner, NAS member, 1995.
Polly Wiessner, NAS member, 2014.
Frank Wilczek, MacArthur Fellow, 1982; NAS member, 1990; The Nobel Prize in Physics, 2004.


The College has received national recognition for its academic programs. Rankings on this page are from Higher Education Research and Development (FY18) and U.S. News & World Report (2021).


in anthropology


in geological and earth sciences


in social sciences


in political science and government


in humanities


in undergraduate teaching


in first-year experiences


With its over 50 research centers and nationally and internationally recognized faculty- and student-led research, The College is leading innovative and groundbreaking programs that drive better futures for all.

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Academic units

The College hosts 21 academic units and has robust programs in the humanities, natural sciences and social sciences. It is also home to ASU's Reserve Officers' Training Corps.

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Frequenty asked questions


How is The College improving diversity, equity, inclusion and belonging?

Take a look at what we’re doing to support diversity and inclusion within The College community and beyond.


Where can I learn more about degree programs at The College?

Innovative schools and departments within our humanities, natural sciences and social sciences divisions prepare students for endless career opportunities. 


How can I support student success and innovative research at The College?

Whether you want to advance faculty research, support students or enhance the ASU experience, there are many ways to give to The College.