Undergraduate Degrees

Explore important issues facing African-descended peoples from different historical, cultural, sociological, political and psychological perspectives, and allow passion and knowledge to shape how you benefit others in a variety of areas.


Anthropology, BA

Are you intrigued by the wider world? Do you want to understand the big picture of humans in all times and all places? Become a changemaker ready to help make the world a better place.


Anthropology, BS

Are you torn between which to study: history or biology? You can explore both while learning about human origins, ancient cultures and what it means to be human. Gain in-depth knowledge of human evolution, adaptability and behavior, and you'll have an edge when pursuing your chosen career.

Explore humanity's place in the universe, from a near-Earth orbit to the edge of the observable universe. In the process of your scientific inquiry, you develop critical thinking, problem-solving and communication skills.


Biochemistry, BA

Discover the secret chemical processes of living organisms at the molecular and atomic levels. Through courses in the physical sciences, life sciences and liberal arts, you build life and problem-solving skills that prepare you for a wide range of careers.


Biochemistry, BS

Explore the mysteries of life at the molecular and atomic level with hands-on lab experiences and problem-solving skills through a range of courses in the physical, quantitative and life sciences.

Learn about the molecular processes of life and how medicines work at this level to benefit human health. The conceptual and hands-on skills you gain through the molecular and life sciences courses are tailored for pre-health and pre-medical students, serving as your gateway to a dynamic career or medical school.

Are you captivated by the variety and wonder of life? Are you curious about how organisms grow, interact and affect each other? Build a strong foundation of knowledge, critical thinking skills and key lab techniques that will launch your career in science, health care and research.

How does science shape the way we understand our world? Explore the social context of science while developing the skills needed to navigate the ethical complexities of scientific discovery. Discover how policy decisions are shaped by biological research, and investigate the significance of the sciences in understanding our complex world.

Are you passionate about health care and biomedical research? Are you eager to experience groundbreaking research and understand the process of scientific discovery? Build a strong pre-health foundation of knowledge, critical thinking skills and key lab techniques that will give you a valuable edge in your career.

Are you concerned about environmental challenges such as climate change and habitat destruction? Are you curious about how organisms interact with one another and their physical surroundings? Dive in and apply a biological approach combined with human perspective to develop a deep understanding of the complex problems threatening our world.

Are you fascinated by how genes can affect change in organisms at the cellular level? Are you curious about how genetic information is organized and transmitted across generations? Experience the excitement of scientific discovery and gain the critical thinking skills and key lab techniques that will launch your career.

Are you fascinated by animal behavior? Are you interested in making scientific discoveries at the laboratory bench and in the field? Dive in and build the strong foundation you need to launch your career in neuroscience, health care, veterinary medicine or biomedical research.

Are you interested in quantitative sciences but also have a passion for understanding life? Learn how physics, chemistry and biology intersect, and prepare to solve today's mysteries in life sciences and medicine.

Do you want to help tackle current societal challenges related to energy, environment, medicine and new materials? Explore hands-on laboratory experiences that unlock the power of atomic and molecular solutions while cultivating vital critical thinking and problem-solving skills for diverse career paths.


Communication, BA

Learn the deep critical thinking skills that will enable you to build strong relationships and communities, and become an effective leader.


Communication, BS

Explore the complex role of human communication in everyday life, and gain the critical analytical skills that will be valuable assets in the workplace and beyond.

Prepare to meet the challenges of the future in this unique and innovative degree program. You'll improve your cultural competence and harness new and emerging technology to develop humanistic solutions to environmental, societal and global issues.


Data Science, BS

The shortage of data analysts in the U.S. is growing. In this high-demand field, you'll be able to impact the world in areas such as predicting consumer behavior, detecting fraud, improving manufacturing processes and analyzing medical images. Data science has exciting applications to any industry.

Explore the foremost issues currently confronting scientists in ecological well-being, climate dynamics and natural resources, and develop your capacity to improve the human condition, both present and future. Develop critical thinking, problem solving and communication skills as you become a master learner and change-maker.

Explore today's most pressing challenges in environmental health, climate change and natural resources, and develop your capacity to improve the human condition, both present and future. Develop critical thinking, problem-solving and communication skills as you become an environmental steward and changemaker.


Economics, BS

When you're equipped with the rigorous tools that enable you to analyze human behavior, evaluate policies and make informed market predictions, you'll be ready to apply your knowledge of economics to areas as diverse as the price of gasoline and the effects of immigration.

Deepen your understanding of literature, write more persuasively and develop your creative and critical skills. If you have a passion for reading and writing, the major in English will allow you to study what you love and provide you with the knowledge and skills to excel in any career field.

Do you have a passion for helping children and families succeed? Learn foundational concepts related to the stages of human development and relationships. With these skills, you'll be prepared to improve lives and promote healthy relationships in a human-centered career.

Do you wonder how film and media shape our ever-changing world? Explore how film and media are made and interpreted and how they impact our society through courses that engage with the creative, historical and technical practices of film and media.

Discover a deeper understanding of gender issues through exceptional interdisciplinary training necessary to apply a gender lens to your career. Through integrating critical thinking, problem-solving and research skills, you'll be equipped to face today's challenges.

Learn skills to better understand the concept of location as it relates to current issues facing our global society, and be ready to help solve some of the most pressing challenges facing our world.


Geography, BA

Dive into the phenomena, features and inhabitants of planet Earth. Learn about humanistic and cultural traditions while absorbing the physical aspects of the world, especially climate and landscape dynamics.


Geography, BS

Develop your understanding of climate, landforms and biogeography. Learn about the world around you, from the sky to the bottom of the ocean, and how humans impact landscapes across various geographic regions.


Global Health, BA

Do you want to improve lives around the world by advancing human health? Explore how history, culture and environment intertwine to play a critical role in today's health problems and their solutions. Prepare for a service-oriented career in global health policy, community health practice, disaster management, health education and beyond.


Global Health, BS

Are you concerned about global health issues? Passionate about changing the world? Go beyond fighting disease and health disparities by digging deeper into their sociocultural and evolutionary roots. Pick up where medical practice leaves off and create evidence-based, contextually-informed and far-reaching solutions to localized and universal health concerns.


Global Studies, BA

Study how cultures, economics, institutions and social issues shape our increasingly globalized world. Through a global experience or an internationally focused internship, you'll put your learning to work as you help to address current challenges.


History, BA

Learn about the past while preparing for your future. In one of the largest undergraduate history programs in the country, you can explore a variety of time periods and regions, like ancient Greece and modern Mexico, and topics such as sports, engineering, health, genocide, witchcraft and many more.

Do you want to change the world for the better? Learn about security, intelligence, diplomacy and international trade, law and institutions from faculty experts and policy practitioners. Develop the analytic and communication skills and awareness of global systems to enact meaningful change in the public, nonprofit and private sectors.

Do you want to change the world for the better? Learn about security, intelligence, diplomacy and international trade, law, and institutions from faculty experts and policy practitioners. Develop analytic and quantitative skills to provide data-driven solutions to global challenges and enact meaningful change in the public, nonprofit and private sectors.


Justice Studies, BA

Do you want to create meaningful change in the world? Justice studies offers you a broad education in justice, complemented by a solid foundation of liberal arts and social sciences courses that prepare you to promote social, economic and political justice wherever you are.


Justice Studies, BS

Do you believe in promoting social, economic and political justice? Are you looking for the tools to create meaningful change in the world? In this program, you'll have the opportunity to conduct quantitative and analytical research that will lead to better understanding of the complexities of social justice.


Neuroscience, BS

Discover how the brain and nervous system function to produce behavior, cognition and emotion. Work alongside award-winning faculty in labs at the leading edge of neuroscience research. Spanning four foundational areas of neuroscience, this program will guide you toward a career in health and research-related fields.


Philosophy, BA

Become a better thinker by strengthening your foundational skills, such as reading comprehension, and by developing skills in reasoning and argument construction. Studying philosophy prepares you to answer moral and ethical questions that relate to a variety of careers.

Liberty, equality and justice are the basis of many legal systems. Combining courses of philosophy, law, politics and policy enables you to tackle these topics, and when moral questions arise concerning politics and law, you will be able to explore the answers philosophically.

Learn nature's most fundamental laws to understand the world around us. Through rigorous foundational coursework, you'll learn to analyze complex problems and gain valuable quantitative reasoning skills that can be applied to any technical field.


Physics, BS

Expand your understanding of the universe on a deep, fundamental level by participating in innovative research areas and cross-disciplinary collaborations that are at the forefront of today's most compelling questions. If you're interested in immediate practical applications, this bachelor's degree program lays the foundation for success.


Political Science, BA

Interested in politics and public issues in the United States and abroad? See yourself heading to law school, working on political campaigns or serving as a diplomat? Springboard your education in preparation for a wide variety of careers, both inside and outside government.


Political Science, BS

Interested in politics and public issues in the United States and abroad? See yourself heading to law school, working on political campaigns or as a diplomat? Springboard your education in preparation for a wide variety of careers, both inside and outside of government.

Look around, and you will see religion everywhere. By studying a variety of materials, you gain an understanding of the role of religion in shaping the past, present and future of human societies and cultures --- an understanding that will aid you in any field you decide to pursue.

This major provides you with valuable skills in interdisciplinary research, cross-cultural understanding, empathy, critical analysis and communication. These skills will enable you to address crucial contemporary issues, including globalization, health care, human rights, immigration and the meaning of life.

Are you interested in the study of social interaction and social structures? Gain valuable insight into the underlying institutions that guide human social behavior by learning about culture, relationships and social issues. With these skills, you'll be prepared to understand and serve people and communities.


Spanish, BA

Fluency in Spanish coupled with critical thinking and analytical skills affords you an unparalleled competitive edge in today's job market and our increasingly diverse society. Traveling, living and working in Spanish-speaking communities around the world provides a wide array of personal and professional opportunities for embracing life in a globalized world.

Are you ready to become a leader in the science and technology fields of the future? You'll learn key skills in interdisciplinary research, technology design and collaborative leadership that will prepare you to solve tomorrow's most challenging problems.


Urban Planning, BSP

Do you want to shape how our cities, states and communities operate; how people navigate the globe; and how cities are planned for success? Learn about future-changing strategies like alternative transportation, housing diversity and urban revitalization.