Explore the human experience in all its forms

When you study humanities, you embark on a journey to understand the human experience and find answers to thought-provoking questions with no definitive answers – like what’s the meaning of life? How do we determine what’s right or wrong? Why do we believe things are true? As you gain a global perspective by studying other cultures and deepen your wisdom by learning about other people’s struggles, you’ll be ready to fulfill civic responsibilities and live a meaningful life.

The importance of humanities research

The Institute for Humanities Research at Arizona State University explains the humanities and how they are central to the analysis and resolution of the world’s many challenges. Our scholars are exploring various issues through historical, philosophical and creative lenses to achieve a deeper understanding of how to improve human life profoundly.

Our centers and institutes

The College of Liberal Arts and Sciences is home to 10 centers and institutes in the humanities, ranging from research initiatives for Asian cultures to the study of religion and conflict. You’ll be able to explore your interests in depth. Learn more.

Student research opportunities 

We encourage our students to get involved in humanities research. Whether you want to examine the ethical implications of technology or explore the efficacy of the arts in dietary habits, there’s something for you.

ASU’s first Peace Chair 

Professor Yasmin Saikia in the School of Historical, Philosophical and Religious Studies at ASU spends her time abroad in war-torn countries to learn how humanity can persevere in the aftermath of violence and step towards peace. Read more.

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