Gain experience with an internship

You can take your future career for a test drive

Develop new skills for a competitive advantage

If you’re eager to find a financially stable and enjoyable career in your field of study, you should consider participating in an internship. While a college degree used to be sufficient for landing an entry-level position, the workforce continues to become increasingly more competitive and employers prefer candidates with relevant internship experience. You’ll gain valuable training in real-world situations and set yourself apart from other applicants with the same educational background.

Benefits of internships

Complement your classroom knowledge

When you intern for an organization in your field of study, you can apply what you’ve learned in the classroom environment to actual situations in the workplace with a real client or customer.

Develop new skills

You’ll have the opportunity to learn new skills directly related to your field and apply them in a real-world setting. Plus, you can generate more content for your portfolio and resume.

Gain networking contacts

Networking is a great way to land a new position and learn about jobs not yet on the web. Your internship will enable you to meet new contacts in your field and obtain valuable references.

Test drive your future career

While a particular career may seem appealing at first glance, you won’t know what it’s like until you work in the industry. Your internship will help you see if an industry is the right fit for you.

Featured internship opportunity

Want to live and intern in Washington, D.C.? Now’s your chance! Through the School of Politics and Global Studies, you can participate in the semester-long Policy Design Studio and Internship Program through the McCain Institute. You’ll intern at an organization of interest, gain valuable skills and research solutions to real-world foreign policy issues. In addition, you’ll visit various government agencies, historical sites and national monuments like Gettysburg.

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Browse additional avenues for practical skills and experience

In addition to internships, there are many other ways to add practical, hands-on experience to your resume, including volunteering in the community and signing up for a service-learning class. You’ll be able to apply the knowledge you’re learning in class to address real-world problems and create positive change locally, nationally and internationally. Browse the links below for more information and resources about additional ways to boost your resume and gain a competitive advantage.

Volunteer@ASU | Community Connect | University Service-Learning | Entrepreneurship

Learn more about your internship options

Students in The College of Liberal Arts and Sciences are strongly encouraged to complete an internship. Most internships can be completed through your department or major. If your internship course isn’t eligible for credit through your department, you may be eligible to enroll in LIA 484. Learn more about the course and enrollment process.

LIA 484