Resources for parents of Sun Devils

Together, we can help your student succeed at ASU

A note from the dean

The College of Liberal Arts and Sciences has been my home for three decades. I’m confident about our ability to educate socially aware, critically thinking citizens who will bring about positive change in the world. That transformation starts with the support of parents and families. Together, we can create a legacy of scholars who are eager to pursue a higher education and, with it, we can drastically change the number of opportunities available for these individuals with a college degree.

I want to drive home the importance of an informed and supportive family in our community because they play a vital role in our students’ success. Whether you’re encouraging your student to take advantage of free tutoring or explaining the benefits associated with study abroad and travel, you can empower your son or daughter to take personal responsibility for their academic achievements at ASU.

Support for student success

TutoringFree tutoring

Your student can receive academic support from their peers on a variety of subjects, from writing to math. The range of tutoring services available will help make academic success easy.
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On-campus living

We have several on-campus living options for students in our college. Our first-year students will benefit from living in our residential college along with students who share similar interests.
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ClassroomScholarship funding

In addition to financial aid packages, our college is proud to offer a range of scholarships and awards to our students. Our schools and departments also have scholarships available.
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College can transform generations of families

First-generation students change the trajectory of their family linages by instilling a desire to pursue higher education. When a first-generation student completes a degree, the chances of other generations following down a similar path are incredibly high. Education in a family linage can dramatically change and alter the course for future generations of scholars. 

Additional resources for social and professional development

ASU Parent and Family Resources

You can stay involved in your student’s college experience through ASU’s Parent and Family Resources. They host a comprehensive collection of resources to stay current with university events and help your student maximize their potential while at ASU.
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Sun Devil Family Association

Through the Sun Devil Family Association, you can join a nationwide network of ASU families who are determined to sustain family involvement in student education. From staying connected to supporting programs, you can make a difference in your student’s journey.
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