Alumni network

Get acquainted with our exceptional alumni

The College of Liberal Arts and Sciences boasts an outstanding network of accomplished alumni who have learned to thrive at Arizona State University. Our alumni go above and beyond in their professional careers, applying their knowledge, expertise, creativity and ingenuity to pioneer innovations and solve problems.

Martin Sepulveda

President of Sepulveda Group, Inc.
Bachelor of Science in Communication

Steven Gillen

Foreign Service Officer with the U.S. Department of State
Bachelor of Arts in Political Science, Russian and History

Samantha Winter

BA English Literature, Spanish and History

Paul Crecelius

Retired Former Department Head of Environmental Services for Navy Public Works

Larry Hendershot

Business Associate, Market America
BS Political Science, School of Politics and Global Studies

Jon Hunter

Worldwide head of sales for digital service management at BMC
BS Criminal Justice/Police Science, Minor in Political Science

Gary Jahn

Foreign Service Officer at the United States Agency for International Development
BS in Entomology

Brendan Corrigan

Director of Surrogate Scheduling for Hilary Clinton’s presidential campaign
BS in Political Science

Jan Soderstrom

Brand marketing consultant at Somo Partners
BS in home economics and MS in home economics
1968 and 1971

Cheryl Shavers

President and CEO of Global Smarts Inc
BS in chemistry and PhD in chemistry
1976 and 1981

Robert Hecht-Nielsen

Professor at the University of California
BS in mathematics and PhD in mathematics
1971 and 1974

Floyd English

Chairman, president and CEO, Andrew Corporation
MS in physics and PhD in physics
1962 and 1966

Joel Empie

Former vice president and senior exploration advisor, Union Texas Petroleum
BS in geology

Andrea Schaffell

Director of shared services and outsourcing practice at PA Consulting Group
BA in Spanish

Paul Manera

Principal, Manera Inc.
MAE in geography, MA in geography, PhD in geography
1963, 1967, and 1982