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Here, you’ll gain an intersectional perspective to build socially just and sustainable communities and improve global health, governance and policy. 

You’ll learn to lead social change and transform the world in an environment that puts inclusion and access at the forefront of academic programming.

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Start your journey today.

Explore areas of study in the social sciences that match your ambitions to break down barriers and build up communities.


Change the world for the better.

With a degree in the social sciences, you’ll be prepared as a globally informed leader, equipped to bring about positive change in organizations, communities and societies. Here are just a few examples of what you can do with a social sciences degree. 



Conservation scientist

Corrections officer



Emergency manager

Field researcher

Health educator

Investment fund manager


Military officer


Real estate manager

Social services director

Social worker


Urban planner

Portrait of Elaissia Briana Christina Sears.


I have people come into my court and tell me they never thought they would see someone like me here. Many have even been brought to tears. I have people come in for weddings and they are so surprised and happy to see a Black judge. That might sound funny, but it really is a big deal.

Elaissia Briana Christina Sears
Justice of the Peace, West Mesa Justice Court
BA in global studies, 2017. 

Frequently asked questions


What are the social sciences?

How do we live? How do we organize? What do we believe? What is just and right? And who gets to decide? These questions are explored in the social sciences, which include anthropology, economics, political science, sociology and more. 


Can I get a job with a social sciences degree?

Businesses across sectors value employees with social science skills. In STEM and non-STEM related industries, and employing substantive skills as well as soft skills, social sciences graduates contribute to increasingly interdisciplinary work environments. Learn more in this study by the Academy of Social Sciences. 


Is a degree in the social sciences right for me?

If you’re considering a degree in the social sciences but aren’t sure if it’s right for you and your career goals, reach out to your advisor through your MyASU page.