Push the boundaries of scientific knowledge

When you study natural sciences, you embark on a journey to understand the physical world through observational and experimental evidence. As you gain knowledge by questioning, critically examining and testing certain laws, principles and practices, you’ll be prepared to combat the challenges of research and make discoveries that will initiate human progress. Your intellectual inquiry and innovations will aid the next generation in discovering something better. 

Research mission to the moon

The School of Earth and Space Exploration has been selected by NASA to lead ASU’s first interplanetary mission in search of useful assets on the moon, which could aid in sustaining a crew on a trip to Mars. Our scholars will design, build, operate and troubleshoot the spacecraft responsible for creating a map of the moon’s water during its mission.

Our centers and institutes

Our college is home to more than 15 centers and institutes in the natural sciences, spanning fundamental concepts, biological physics, salivary bioscience and so much more. We explore a variety of scientific interests. Learn more.

Student research opportunities

There are many opportunities for our students to get involved with research in the natural sciences. From testing saliva for pathogens to addressing societal energy needs sustainably, our students are creating positive change.

Saving the rainforest

David Pearson, a research professor in ASU's School of Life Sciences, travels to the Peruvian Amazon annually to teach educators, students and locals about one of the world’s most abundant, yet swiftly depleting natural resources. Read more.

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