Why study liberal arts and sciences?

You’ll develop skills essential for success in today’s global workforce

Discover countless career opportunities

Your career possibilities are endless with a degree from The College of Liberal Arts and Sciences. You’ll learn to thrive in rapidly changing work environments by thinking critically, communicating effectively and adapting quickly to any situation – a broad set of skills that are invaluable to most employers. The breadth of your knowledge paired with a globally informed perspective will help you excel in any career venture.

Whether you want to be a pilot for the U.S. Air Force, a criminal investigator for the FBI, a movie director for one of Hollywood’s biggest studios or virtually any dream job in between, you can pursue a range of positions in various industries, including:

  • nonprofit
  • public service
  • real estate
  • sales
  • science
  • law
  • management
  • marketing
  • media
  • medicine
  • business
  • communications
  • education
  • finance
  • government
Successful people with degrees in Liberal Arts and Sciences

Barack Obama
U.S. President

Political science major

Jamie Dimon
CEO of J.P. Morgan

Psychology major

Harold Varmus
National Cancer Institute Director

English major

Ted Turner
Founder of CNN and TBS

Classics major

Delve deeper into our divisions

The humanities explore the human experience in all its forms. Through literature, philosophy, history, foreign languages and culture, we’re able to address the challenges that confront us as human beings.

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Natural sciences
The natural sciences examine the physical world around us. By pushing the boundaries of scientific knowledge, we can tackle the world’s biggest problems and create solutions for the next generation.

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Social sciences
The social sciences investigate the way people behave and interact. Through understanding how society is shaped by the world around us, we’re able to develop innovations that improve the way we live.

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A leader in global research with purpose and impact

In The College of Liberal Arts and Sciences, we’re committed to conducting use-inspired research that impacts communities locally, nationally and internationally.

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Currently enrolled students

$140 million

In research expenditures


Scholarship opportunities

Enrich your college experience

We offer a variety of co-curricular programs and activities to ensure you get the most out of your college experience. From study abroad and research opportunities to local and international internships, you’ll graduate with a well-rounded educational background alongside relevant, real-world experience. Explore some of the great opportunities available to you when you study in The College of Liberal Arts and Sciences at ASU.

Find internships

If you want to enhance your resume before graduation, apply for an internship. You’ll gain real-life experience and be ready to compete in today’s highly competitive workforce – all while receiving academic credit. Learn more.


Study abroad

Studying abroad is a great way to earn credits while gaining a global perspective and practical experience. More than 80% of our students who studied abroad say it helped them build essential skills for the job market. Learn more.


Partake in research

You’ll have the opportunity to work with renowned faculty on various research initiatives. Participating in these cutting-edge projects will help you develop skills and gain valuable work experience for a future career. Learn more


Academic advising

In The College of Liberal Arts and Sciences, you have access to top-notch professional advisory support and pre-professional programs in law, medicine and education to ensure you accomplish all your goals.
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Residential living communities

Our residential living communities are designed to provide a supportive, vibrant environment where you can live with fellow students from the same academic discipline to help you succeed.
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