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In The College of Liberal Arts and Sciences, your success matters to us. We’re steadfast in our commitment to ensuring every student has the resources to succeed academically and beyond. Whether you need help passing a class, studying for an exam or writing a paper, you have access to a range of free tutoring services at Arizona State University. From adaptive learning labs and online tutoring to supplemental instruction and writing centers, success will feel second nature to you. 

Our university’s academic success programs are based on a peer-to-peer learning model. You’ll meet with a student tutor who has had similar experiences to your own. Our tutors acknowledge each student’s individual learning style and will tailor their teaching approach to your unique needs.

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Every student at the university has access to a range of academic support services that are designed to fit each student’s individual needs and unique learning style. Want to meet a tutor in person? You can. Would you rather get help online? It’s available. Do you like studying with a group? Our supplemental instruction study groups may be the best fit for you.

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Supplemental instruction is a great option for students who learn better as part of a group. You’ll get together with peers from your class to discuss key concepts, exchange notes, share insight and study for exams. Learn more.

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Want to hone your writing skills? If so, you should visit one of ASU’s writing centers or find help online. Your writing tutor can help you develop ideas, organize your paper, integrate sources and proofread. Learn more.

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If you’re more comfortable in the digital space, there’s a variety of tutoring sessions available online. From math and physics to economics and English, you’ll be prepared to tackle all your coursework with ease. Learn more.


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