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Student Alert Process

The College of Liberal Arts and Sciences student alert process gives both faculty and staff the ability to make the dean's office aware of specific student concerns. Once alerted about a potential student issue, the dean's office will identify the appropriate follow-up based on the nature of the concern. To alert the college, please review the types of concerns this form addresses and fill out a Student Alert Form.

You will receive a response within one week regarding the status of the follow-up with the student.

Types of student concerns

The student alert form creates a way for our faculty and staff to alert the dean's office staff of student issues.

This form can be used for the following types of concerns:

  • Academic: student needs to develop further course-based or general academic skills
  • Financial: student expresses concerns over an ability to pay tuition in the future or immediate concerns covering basic living expenses
  • Emotional/Behavioral: students showing symptoms of depression or other emotional states that may inhibit their ability to function as a student; students acting disruptively in the classroom setting
  • Social: students who are not making any personal connections with staff, faculty, or other students or experiencing homesickness
  • Personal: any other situation that may significantly interfere with a student’s coursework

This form is NOT meant to be used for immediate concerns or emergencies. If the student has:

If you have further questions about the use of this form, please contact Jeffrey Banner at jeffrey.banner@asu.edu.