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Building a stronger identity for our college

The College of Liberal Arts and Sciences marketing team has created identity standards to build a stronger brand across our academic units, centers and institutes. The visual and writing guidelines and resources are designed to create a unified identity on all publications, electronic media and other communication efforts. When the diverse individual parts of our college speak as one through a unified message and image, we strengthen our reputation and improve the impact of our communications.


Our visual identity standards ensure the consistent use of Arizona State University’s Enterprise Brand-approved logos, colors, fonts and photography. When all our materials project a similar image, we can communicate our mission and goals more efficiently, clearly and concisely to all audiences.

1. Logos

Official endorsed logos have been created for our college, academic units and most centers. All logos can be used in place of the university logo on marketing materials, but only one should be represented at a time. If multiple units within our college are represented on a document, use the college logo. If multiple units across the university are represented, use the university logo.

Arizona Board of Regents-approved centers and institutes without an endorsed logo can request one with the form below. Please note: the dean’s approval is required before a logo can be created. The approval, development and upload process can take up to a month.

All units using an endorsed logo on their print materials must include one of the following lines:

    • a. "An academic unit of The College of Liberal Arts and Sciences"
    • b. "A research unit of The College of Liberal Arts and Sciences"

Please note: this line doesn’t need to be included by the logo, it can appear anywhere on the document. This requirement includes fliers and any other printed material. There is no exception other than business cards.

2. Colors

ASU’s color palette helps reinforce our brand and keeps messaging clear and simple. Our primary colors are maroon and gold with white and black as foundational colors. The secondary colors are green, blue, orange and grey. See ASU’s identity standards color palette page for more information.

ASU Maroon 208C
CMYK 10-97-37-43
RGB 140-29-64
HTML #8C1D40

ASU Gold 123C
CMYK 0-21-88-0
RGB 255-198-39

CMYK 60-40-40-100
RGB 0-0-0
HTML #000000

CMYK 0-0-0-0
RGB 255-255-255

ASU Green 368C
CMYK 60-0-100-0
RGB 120-190-32
HTML #78BE20

ASU Blue 299C
CMYK 80-15-0-0
RGB 0-163-224
HTML #00A3E0

ASU Orange 1575C
CMYK 0-60-85-0
RGB 255-127-50

ASU Grey 431C
CMYK 15-0-0-70
RGB 92-102-112
HTML #5C6670

3. Typography

ASU’s primary font in print communications is Berthold Akzidenz-Grotesk. Arial is an acceptable replacement. The primary website font is Roboto, but Helvetica Neue, Helvetica and Arial are acceptable. For more information, see ASU’s identity standards typography page.

4. Images

The ASU brand is reinforced through photography. When photographing or selecting images, pick images that convey authenticity. For more information and to access the photo archive, see ASU’s identity standards photography page.


Our writing identity standards ensure all marketing and communication materials are written in a similar style. We want to uphold the standards set forth in the writing style guide while creating a voice specific to our college, which represents our commitment to educational excellence and student success. 

1. Voice and tone samples

The voice and tone of our college is influenced by ASU’s branded language, which is inspiring, declarative and succinct. We use powerful words with an optimistic tone that is purposeful and sincere. We write in active voice with a future-focused vision.

“As the foundational core of the New American University, The College of Liberal Arts and Sciences fosters educational excellence and interdisciplinary inquiry through our unique blend of programs in the humanities, natural sciences and social sciences. Our diversity and dynamism serve as an incubator for continued growth and development in any field of study.”

“From incorporating the creativity of intellectuals in the humanities to mixing different levels of expertise in the social and natural sciences, our researchers embrace interdisciplinary research, transcend academic boundaries and generate new approaches to tackle some of the world’s most pressing concerns, such as eradicating food insecurity and disease.”

“At the intersection of access and excellence, our college creates opportunity. We’re steadfast in our commitment to giving every student with ambition and drive the chance to succeed. We provide life-changing scholarships to ensure all students can reach their fullest potential. We also focus on inclusion and strive to reflect the intellectual, ethnic and cultural diversity of Arizona and beyond.”

2.     Best practices around college name

The College of Liberal Arts and Sciences should be spelled out on first references. On subsequent references, we should be referred to as “The College.” CLAS is not an approved abbreviation for communications intended for students and the public.

Please note: none of our schools, departments, centers or institutes have an approved abbreviation. For all communications intended for the public, your unit name must be spelled out fully on first reference and should be referred to as “the school,” “the department,” “the center” or “the institute” on subsequent references.


Do’s and Don’ts

  • Do: The College of Liberal Arts and Sciences at Arizona State University

  • Don’t: Arizona State University’s The College of Liberal Arts and Sciences

  • Do: Though it functions independently of The College’s Department of English, the center works closely with the creative writing program to help literary talents thrive on campus.

  • Don’t: Though it functions independently of the The College’s Department of English, the center works closely with the creative writing program to help literary talents thrive on campus.

  • Do: There are a number of resources available at The College.

  • Don’t: There are a number of resources available at the College.

  • Do: The College’s faculty are award-winning.

  • Don’t: The college’s faculty are award-winning.

  • Do: The financial aid support at the university and college was amazing.

  • Don’t: The financial aid support at the university and The College was amazing

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