Facilities useful information


  • Please follow the move coordination guidelines, for general information on moving requirements, key requests, telephone lines, printers, computers and mail services. 
  • For moving office goods - please visit moving services for contact information, outside university movers and modes of payment. 
  • For lab equipment -  please contact facilities management for requirements.
  • Packing boxes are available for a fee through ASU Maintenance Supplies:  480-965-1817

Request for new data drop or telephone line

 To request a new data drop submit a ticket to the help center.

Requests for asbestos and lead services

Any asbestos clearance is required prior to impacting any building materials including but not limited to paint, hanging pictures, nailing, flooring, window coverings, looking above a ceiling tile.

Request for asbestos and lead services online form


Our goal is to create a building standard for modular furniture. Vendor metal work surfaces and fabric panels provide a professional appearance.  These finishes ease potential reconfiguration changes and help manage long-term costs and sustainability. Please contact Sharon Kenyon regarding building standards. 

The university encourages ASU departments to reuse office or lab supplies, furniture and other unneeded items.

Does your department have an item not being used anymore, but another department can use? Visit SunSET furniture exchange for more information.

Floor and window coverings

Important -  Before beginning the process to purchase and/or install floor or window coverings you will be asked to submit an Asbestos Review Application by CPMG as required by the university. Approval to proceed is contingent upon asbestos abatement status for the proposed floor covering site.

It is important to keep in mind the building's material palette before selecting floor or window coverings. Please read the building material guidelines for information about modular furniture.  For building standards not included in the document, please contact Sharon Kenyon for more information. 

OUA is establishing a building color palette and carpets should match existing building carpet where possible.  In cases where carpets have been discontinued, selected carpet should compliment the building color palette. 

Department must cover the costs of new flooring/window coverings.

To select floor or window coverings, visit purchasing for more information. 

Request keys

Keys can only be requested for spaces assigned to the department on the ASU space survey. 

1. Complete a Key action form - Make sure all information is filled correctly and an Authorized Signer approves the request. Please follow the instructions for completing the key action form. 

2. Mail or hand deliver the completed form to Police Administration Building at 325 E. Apache or mail to ASU Police Department at mail code 1812.

3. Correctly completed forms are generally processed within two working days from the day the request is received. 

4. The key holder or their designee may pick up the requested keys at the front desk of the Police Administration Building, from 8:00 a.m. to 4:30 p.m., Monday through Friday. Anyone picking up keys must know for whom and for what building the keys have been requested. Authorized pickup persons must also present a valid form of ID upon request. 

Visit Key Control for more information.

Sign services

  • Standard room sign - such as engraved signs, modular signs, specialty signs or vehicle decals, visit Sign Services. 
  • Departmental, center, building directory and special signage - To order this type of signage please submit a request for service (yellow button) to CPMG.  The Office of the University Architect created university-wide standards for signage and will assist in making sure requests adhere to these standards. 
  • Request to hang a banner - Currently for Tempe campus. Other campuses please contact you facilities staff for information. 

Questions? Email us at signs@asu.edu or call us at 480-965-1357 for assistance.

ASU Surplus

In order to facilitate the removal of excess property from your department, a Disposal Requestmust be submitted to Surplus Property.  Disposal Requests are submitted online through the Surplus Property Management System, please visit Surplus.

Visit SunSET -  To reuse office or lab supplies, furniture and other unneeded items that are not being used by your department but another department can use.