Request for service

Requests can be submitted directly to FACMAN for the following services:


For maintenance, trouble calls and repairs, please submit a request for service to FACMAN (red button).

Sign services

  • Standard room sign - such as engraved signs, modular signs, specialty signs or vehicle decals, visit Sign Services. 
  • Departmental, center, building directory and special signage - To order this type of signage please submit a request for service (yellow button) to CPMG.  The Office of the University Architect (OUA) created University wide standards for signage and will assist in making sure requests adhere to these standards. 
  • Request to hang a banner - Currently for Tempe campus. Other campuses please contact you facilities staff for information. 

Questions? Email us at signs@asu.edu or call us at 480-965-1357 for assistance.


Submit a  request for service to FACMAN. 

OUA is working to create a standardized building color palette. Please note that accent colors should be limited to public spaces and should be consistant with the building color palette.  

In case of a critical deadline, please contact Sharon Kenyon for an approved outside painting contractor. When using an outside contractor submit the request for asbestos and lead services online form. This form does not have to be submitted when using FACMAN. 

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Request for renovation

Requests for renovation include changes that involve multiple trade and will alter building floor plans and square footages. 

Units requesting facility improvements should have approval of the unit director, before contacting Marty Wojciechowski for further assistance.

Cosmetic Upgrades

Cosmetic upgrades include furniture, window coverings, carpet and paint.  Please check with facilities before making a large investment in a facility to ensure alignment with long term plans and compliance with design standards. 

Important- Asbestos clearance is required prior to impacting any building materials including but not limited to paint, hanging pictures, nailing, flooring, window coverings, looking above a ceiling tile.

 Request for asbestos and lead services online form

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Request for space

  1. Make sure your unit space survey is up to date with names and titles provided. 
  2. Current use of space should be optimized: No storage on campus and optimized use of shared offices.
  3. Must get approval from the Dean first to proceed with request.

For policies on space see ABOR guidelines on office size and The College policy on conference rooms and Department Instructional Space Justification Guidelines

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