Hearts and Scholars

Hear how our students are impacted by donor generosity

Celebrating the philanthropy of scholarships

For more than a decade, the College of Liberal Arts and Sciences Hearts and Scholars event has brought together donors and student recipients to celebrate the philanthropy of scholarships. Outstanding students from a variety of fields receive thousands of dollars in financial assistance every year with the help of Arizona State University alumni and donors, many of whom received assistance themselves during their undergraduate and graduate careers. 

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At the Hearts and Scholars dinner, students meet their donors and share their unique achievements in academic and research ventures. From learning how to become an astrophysicist to finding innovative cures for cancer, these scholarships enable students to follow their dreams and bring about positive change in the world.

First-generation college students are often from low-income families, increasing the challenges they face after their acceptance to a university. Jose Plascencia, recipient of the First-Generation Scholarship, knew this feeling all too well before receiving help from an alumni donor.

Financial support can help many students focus their time on studying and being involved in their community while pursuing a college degree. As the recipient of the Dean’s Circle Scholarship, Raquel Torres will be able to achieve her dreams of becoming an astrophysicist.

Lauren Gold, an undergraduate communication student and recipient of the House of Broadcasting Inc. Scholarship, knows the value of communication skills in nearly every industry. She sees herself anywhere from marketing professional to news reporter.

In the life sciences, supporting research for the next generation of scientists is key. Molecular and cellular biology PhD candidate Justin Wolter found inspiration for his research in defeating cancer from the Maher Alumni Scholarship.

Jose Flores is a firm believer in the idea “the more you know, the more you owe.” As a Spanish PhD candidate and recipient of the Quino E. Martinez Scholarship, he plans to emulate this philosophy of giving back throughout his career.

Scholarships make a great impact on the success of our students, both in and out of the classroom. With your help, students can continue achieving their dreams. Learn more about contributing to one of our scholarship funds.