Getting involved

Make the most of your college experience

Enrich your life as you explore the real world

The College of Liberal Arts and Sciences at Arizona State University offers countless opportunities for you to get involved and maximize your educational experience outside of the classroom. As the number one most innovative school in the country, ASU is at the center of academic exploration, internship openings, career connections, study abroad programs and more than 1,000 clubs and organizations. Here, you can take your education to the next level.

  • discover diversity
  • explore your interests
  • forge new friendships
  • gain valuable experience
  • network with professionals
  • sharpen your leadership skills

Build a foundation for a successful professional life

Pursuing a college education is the first step toward getting closer to your dream career. The next step is enhancing your resume with real-world experience through research initiatives, internships and career services at ASU. You’ll develop skills employers seek while learning how to polish your resume.

Make discoveries

You can join an interactive research initiative in any academic discipline you desire. Just remember research means a great deal more than lab coats, petri dishes and goggles. You’ll be making positive change in the world. Learn more.

Gain experience

You can develop new skills, gain real-world experience, explore your interests and build up your resume for graduate school or the workforce by finding an internship that directly correlates to your area of study. Learn more.

Find employment

You can utilize ASU’s incredible career services department for tips on mastering interviews and learning how to write a cover letter and resume. Career services is also a great resource for finding jobs while in school. Learn more.