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In the College of Liberal Arts and Sciences, we think big about our community and the challenges ahead. As a part of our family, your continuous commitment to connect, engage and support our college is crucial. Our network of appreciated alumni and generous donors enable our students to find endless opportunities to achieve their dreams, solve prominent issues and make the world a better place. Join us as we strive for greatness.

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Physics Modeling Instruction

Make an Impact

The Master of Natural Science degree and the Modeling Instruction program are helping science teachers become more effective in the classroom.

The innovative programs help current teachers change the way they teach physics by introducing a hands-on approach to instruction.

Both programs have a measurable impact across Arizona and the U.S.—well over 100,000 students have benefitted so far.

Your support ensures teachers have the tools to provide exemplary education to a new generation driving scientific and mathematical discoveries forward. 

Digital Humanities

Make an Impact

Digital Humanities is an emerging area of study that is interdisciplinary, collaborative and creative. It helps us respond to problems with far-reaching implications, like climate change and environmental justice.

From data-driven explorations into digitized texts to collaborative labs that connect classrooms across institutions and countries, the digital humanities is fostering new possibilities for academic work.

In addition to workshops, training and programming, the Nexus Lab for Digital Humanities and Transdisciplinary Informatics generates original research around a common interest in data, computation and simultaneous application of quantitative and qualitative methods.   

The College Early Start program

Make an Impact

Early Start is a two-week immersion program held before the start of the fall semester to help freshmen succeed in college. The discipline-specific program provides a positive launch for first-time freshmen identified as having risk factors that could impede their success in college.

Students participate in a variety of workshops as well as academic and social activities. The focus is on providing students with a sense of purpose and passion for their major and career path so they can recognize the meaning behind what they are doing – for themselves, their families and their communities.

Critically, a network of support is established for each student. This network includes faculty members, academic advisors, tutors, academic coaches, and writing and math support staff who are focused on enhancing the students’ academic and social success at ASU.

Since beginning in 2014, 90 percent of the program participants have returned for their sophomore year.

The College funds Early Start through limited operational investments and private donations, which covers program fees such as room, board, and instruction. There is no charge for the student participants but the cost to run the program is $1,000 per participant. 

The program goal is to expand so that students from all majors at The College can participate.

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Dr. Sherry Rankins-Robertson

PhD English (2011)

Sherry Rankins-Robertson, a 2011 PhD alumna in English, is now the Associate Vice Chancellor of Student Success and Online Education at University of Arkansas in Little Rock.

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