International Studies  (Certificate)

Power and statecraft, national security and globalization: Gain a deeper understanding of the connections between these important concepts and topics discussed in the media every day.

Program Description

Students completing the international studies certificate develop a sophisticated understanding of some of the major issues and trends facing the world today. Courses examine relations among nations, including America's role in the world; key international concerns such as human rights; and the internal politics of specific nations or regions.

The certificate is not a substitute for degree requirements in any subject, including political science. Rather, the required courses add an international and comparative dimension to the student's chosen major.

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At a Glance: program details

  • Location: Tempe campus
  • Additional Program Fee: No
  • Second Language Requirement: No

Program Requirements

Requests to declare this certificate are reviewed by the academic advisor in the academic unit offering the certificate. Students may be contacted to discuss the certificate prior to the addition of the certificate to the student record.

A student pursuing an undergraduate certificate must be enrolled as a degree-seeking student at ASU. Undergraduate certificates are not awarded prior to the award of an undergraduate degree. A student already holding an undergraduate degree may pursue an undergraduate certificate as a nondegree-seeking graduate student.

Enrollment Requirements

Requirements for the certificate are intended to provide an understanding of international relations and comparative government, an awareness of global, social and political-economic processes, and sensitivity to foreign political systems and cultures. These objectives are met by a sequence of political science and global studies courses in the areas of international relations, comparative politics and area studies. Students majoring in any subject at the university may be awarded the international studies certificate upon completion of the following 15 credit hours of political science and global studies courses.

Choose one from the courses below:
POS 150 Comparative Government, SB, G (3)
POS 160 Global Politics, SB, G (3)

Choose one from the courses below:
POS 361 American Foreign Policy, SB, G (3)
POS 364 National Security, Intelligence and Terrorism, SB (3)

Choose two from the courses below:
POS 300 Contemporary Global Controversies, SB, G (3)
POS 368 Ethics and Human Rights (3)
POS 465 International Organization and Law, SB, G (3)
POS 467 International Security, SB, G (3)
POS 486 International Political Economy, SB, G (3)
SGS 301 Principles of Global Studies (3)
SGS 303 Global Trends, SB (3)

Choose one from the courses below:
POS 305 Politics and Film, SB (3)*
POS 350 Comparative Politics, SB, G (3)
POS 351 Democratization, SB, G (3)
POS 356 European Union, SB, G (3)
POS 357 South Asia Politics, SB, G (3)
POS 358 Southeast Asia, SB, G (3)
POS 359 African Politics and Society, SB, G (3)
POS 360 World Politics, SB, G (3)
POS 452 China, SB, G (3)
POS 453 Latin America, SB, G (3)
POS 454 Mexico, SB, G (3)
POS 468 Comparative Asian Foreign Policies, SB, G (3)
SGS 360 Cultural Aspects of Globalization (3)

*Approved topics only. Students must meet with an academic advisor in the School of Politics and Global Studies to select appropriate topics.

Certificate students must have a minimum GPA of "C" (2.00 on a 4.00 scale); only courses in which students have a grade of "C" (2.00 on a 4.00 scale) or higher count toward the certificate. A minimum of six upper-division credit hours must be taken in courses offered by the College of Liberal Arts and Sciences.

Program Contact Information

If you have questions related to admission, please click here to request information and an admission specialist will reach out to you directly. For questions regarding faculty or courses, please use the contact information below.