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Your academic home in The College of Liberal Arts and Sciences offers countless opportunities to maximize your educational experience inside and outside of the classroom. When you’re admitted to our community of bright scholars, you’ll become a part of the largest college at Arizona State University. That means joining more than 22,000 students who are eager to collaborate, make new friends and figure out how to change the world – one problem at a time.

As you begin your academic journey, we’re here to give you all the resources and experiences to make it the best four years of your life. Follow your passion with a favorite hobby and join one of 1,000 clubs and organizations on campus. Complement your educational experience with an adventure to a foreign location in one of the 300+ study abroad programs that’ll change your global perspective. Conduct research in an innovative research center to find solutions to improve human life. Peak your interests in different fields of study with more than 2,400 courses.

There’s no shortage of new experiences to discover here. Check out the resources that can help you make the next several years a success.

“Learn as much as you can, have conversations with people who think differently from you, ask hard questions, allow yourself to be confused and uncomfortable sometimes, take a few classes purely for fun and spend time doing things you care about.”

— Catie, a graduate of the psychology department

First-year experience

Going to college can be quite the culture shock for many first-time freshmen. Whether you’re close to home or several states away from your hometown, a new environment with new challenges and people can likely feel overwhelming. Just remember, you’re not alone. We have a community of students, faculty, staff and advisors to make the transition as smooth as possible. Check out some of ASU’s tools and resources for students who need a little help adjusting to university life, from housing and advising to study abroad information and more.

Transfer experience

Transfering to a four-year institution can be a daunting task, but don’t let it hinder your success. You came here with a wide range of goals and aspirations, and we’re here to help. Whether you want to cure diseases, become an advocate for social transformation or write a life-changing book, we’ll make sure you have the tools and resources to accomplish every one of your dreams. Click below to learn what tools and resources the university provides to help every transfer student explore pathways to success at ASU and beyond.

International experience

Our students are just as diverse as our academic programs. We understand coming to a new country for college can present significant cultural differences and challenges, which is why we strive to ensure all our students have access to the resources and opportunities they need to learn to thrive in our inclusive and supportive environment. From academic support services and internship opportunities to research projects and student clubs, discover resources available to help make your international transition easier.


At The College of Liberal Arts and Sciences, we tailor our advising services to make sure they meet your unique needs. Our advising is split into two sectors: one for first-year students on campus and another for non-first-year students. Whether you’re a freshman or transfer student, if this is your first year at ASU, your advisor can be found at Armstrong Hall – the college’s new home. Learn more about first-year advising. If this is not your first year on campus, your advisor will be housed in your major’s unit. This change from your first-year advisor allows you to receive more extensive, discipline-specific knowledge and assistance.

Discovery Seminars

Discovery Seminars are small, engaging one-credit courses designed exclusively for first-year students. These courses offer unique topics, complementary studies, new friends and a small student-to-faculty ratio. Each semester new courses are offered, learn more and sign up today.

New student orientation

We’re delighted you want to join our community of students in The College of Liberal Arts and Sciences who are eager to learn how to solve some of the world’s biggest challenges. Planning ahead makes your orientation experience more productive, valuable and enjoyable.

Parent resources

Informed, supportive families play a vital role in our students’ success. Together, we can help students succeed personally, academically and professionally. Discover resources and all the college has to offer to help your son or daughter succeed at ASU.

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